Beaver Valley Eco Retreat

Catherine and her husband Glenn have created a hidden ecological gem, dubbed the Beaver Valley Eco Reserve. Nestled in the glacially carved Southern most Cariboo Plateau, their retreat occupies a valley niche that hosts pocket lakes such as Big Bar Lake. The valley and lakes were formed by massive glacial rivers that scoured the landscape at the end of the last ice age. Home to mammals such as bears, cougars, moose, and otters as well as the ubiquitous beavers, the landscape is ever changing under the beavers engineering prowess. Reptiles abound and the spring air is full of the sound of frogs and toads. Added to these residents are numerous bird species including Sandhill Cranes and Bluebirds. Catherine has created a bird house trail of over 60 nest boxes.  Boxes built for the smallest birds as well as the cavity nesting ducks that abound in the area. Trails wind through the marshy areas and climb the nearby hills for views out over the Plateau.  The off grid property harkens back to the days of the gold rush. For additional information contact Catherine at